BHC 2areg


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1. Who are you?

We are beach hadball club 2areg, we come from Serbia, Novi Sad. Our team counts 10 players, who work hard and trains regulary to justify that, on coming tournaments. We have been playing beach handball for now 5 full years.

2. What is your biggest team success in beach handball?

We have won 9th place on EBT masters in Thesaloniki 2016.

3. Why do you play beach handball?

Because we love that sport, adrenalin, thirst for every game, atmosphere, summer. we havent profited yet fully.

4. Do you have you trademark song/music/team shout/motto? What is it?

Our motto is: „friendship before anything”

5. If you could add one person to your team (anyone – athlete, movie star, actor, singer, scientist), who would you choose?

Anyone who play guitar

6. What was the longest you have ever spend travelling for a tournament?

1000km (12 hours)

7. If you could have any one superpower (for all team members), which would you choose?


8. If there was a movie about your team what would be its title?

„Lucky 10”

9. If your team was stranded on a desert island, what three items would you want to have with you?

Beach handball court, one ball and one fridge full of beer